Landlord/Tenant issues: Clear and concise legal advice: Highly recommended.
I bought a two flat with a tenant that was in the process of being evicted. I didn't want to use the assigned closing attorney, so called John based on a recommendation. I'm so glad I did! Not only did he save me money but, more importantly, he patiently explained the process and what my options were concerning the eviction, so I was able to make an informed decision on how best to proceed. Further, he prepared the necessary releases for the tenants to sign, and even reached out to the tenants to explain the document. The tenants signed off on the release and were out before the sheriff had to come. It's been my experience in dealing with attorneys that some simply do not want to spend the time explaining the law to their clients - expecting the client to make decisions based on unclear or incomplete information. Not the case with John - again, he spent the necessary time with me to explain both my rights and the tenants' rights under the law, so I had a clear understanding of what was at stake. This enabled me to proceed through the eviction process confident that I would be able to get the tenants out quickly and with minimal cost. Simply put, I highly recommend him for all landlord/tenant issues.

The Best.
My landlord stopped accepting my rent and tried to evict me. I hired John, and he got the job done. Not only did I win both of my cases, but my record was sealed. He's the best. Great communication, very concerned and he knows his stuff. His prices were reasonable, and he really had my best interest at heart. I thank the Lord for him. If you're having an issue with your landlord, he's the man to see.

Best Lawyer I Have Ever Hired.
I called around to get a price quote from various lawyers in town to review my 13-paged, 36-point rental lease. (I'm a landlord.) Mr. Brennock's quoted price was beyond reasonable; it was awesome. I was also pleasantly surprised by the level of detail he went into while reviewing my lease. He was smart, knowledgeable, and generous. I made multiple changes to my lease based on his recommendation and emailed him a final revised version of the lease for him to take a look, half expecting he would not reply since it was beyond the time I had paid him. But a couple days later, he replied and fixed a few more things for me. This is a great lawyer. Best money I've ever spent.  
Excellent Results & Great Communication I hired John recently to get me out of my lease and seek damages against a landlord who was not abiding by Chicago RLTO laws. John provided very clear communication throughout the case. He was easily reachable when needed, either through email or phone, which was important as I was overseas for part of our engagement. In the end, my situation concluded exactly as planned and wouldn't have happened without John's service. I successfully terminated my lease and received compensation from my now former landlord. I would not hesitate to hire John again to represent me in the future.