Real Estate Litigation

Having an interest in real estate can often expose you to difficult legal problems.

For example, you are in contract to purchase a house or a condominium and the seller suddenly refuses to perform, or a defect is disguised during the final inspection and is only discovered after the closing is finished.

Or you may own a rental unit and your tenant refuses to pay rent because the water pressure is low, or there is a sudden infestation of bed bugs in your tenant’s rental, or there is some other breakdown in the landlord-tenant relationship.

Or perhaps you are a tenant with a landlord who will not make necessary repairs during your lease, or will not return your security deposit when the lease concludes.

Or possibly your local municipality or county fines you for building code violations.

Or maybe you are in a small condominium building and there is a dispute with the board or among the unit owners.

Or your property’s title may become encumbered with a lien, such as a recorded mechanic’s lien or a judgment, and such lien is either improper, illegal or should be released for payment or satisfaction.

Or your financial circumstances have changed and you are facing the foreclosure of your property.

Or you previously faced a real estate dispute in court, lost, and now want to appeal that loss.

Your responsibilities in any real estate dispute are generally more complicated than you may realize: often, in addition to acting in accordance with the documents used in your real estate transaction (i.e. a deed or a lease), you are also required to resolve your dispute only within the confines of permissable conduct, as provided by rules found in state and federal statutes, state and federal caselaw, and local municipal ordinances. Without knowledge of these rules, you are likely to make mistakes. Mistakes can be costly, and without proper representation, your actions and decisions may ultimately make your legal problem worse.

Alicja M Sroka & Associates P.C. have represented hundreds of clients in real property dispute litigation. Almost daily, we appear before the various courts throughout Cook county, Dupage county and Lake county. We litigate (a) evictions, (b) building code defense, (c) actions to quiet title, (d) foreclosure defense, (e) consumer protection lawsuits arising out of landlord misconduct, undisclosed property defects, and defective repair workmanship, (f) mechanics liens, (g) lease dispute actions, (h) pre/post-closing disputes, (i) collection defense, (j) land trust litigation, (k) condominium disputes with other owners or between the board and an owner, and (l) lawsuits that incidentally involve real estate (i.e. probate or family law matters).

Our firm believes in the importance of: (a) taking time to understand your problem, (b) informing you of your rights and responsibilities, (c) assessing your risks and goals, (d) developing and implementing a strategy to accomplish those goals, and (e) communicating with you throughout the process to keep you informed and involved.

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